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Hi! I am Dr. Asma ZARROUK


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I am a qualified new professor of business administration. I had taught Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurial Studies, Production Management, Personal Development and Work Well-being for undergraduate students. I started my academic career within the ministry of higher education and scientific research of Tunisia. I had delivered lectures, integrated courses and tutorials in a professional way and ensured that the students achieved all the learning outcomes and objectives. I had designed, graded and managed exams and course work projects. I had maintained order in classrooms by effectively managing, motivating and engaging the students. I was regularly reviewing the course contents to ensure that the information, examples, and methodology used to engage the students are relevant and up to date. I had participated in various college committees and supervised teaching assistants. I am actively involved in developing curriculum in order to maintain high standard of quality education and update the syllabus to keep up with the latest industry requirement. I maintain courses files and other documents related to the courses. I provide orientation and counselling to “advisee” students. I actively engage in scholarship, research and publish papers/articles in first-class international journals.

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Faculty experience

June 01 2018 - July 31 2019

Visiting Scholar, Grenoble Ecole de Management

September 15 2016 - July 31 2017

Contract Professor, Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research

November 02 2015 - July 31 2016

Contract Professor, Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research

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Higher Education

Live to learn

September 2006 - June 2010

Bachelor of Science in International Business

September 2010 - September 2013

Master of Science in Statistics Applied to Management

September 2014 - September 2018

PhD in Business Administration

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What I am doing

Throughout my professional experiences and thanks to my education and training, I have had the chance to equip myself with a range of varied skills which continue to serve me in different situations. Read on for highlights and descriptions.


Market Analysis

Innate talent

In order to raise an awareness about the educational system, I enrolled myself at free training nationally and internationally. I am still looking for the best place for my career advancement.

Project Management

Always higher

In some educational systems, assistantship is based on score. This score is the sum of the following requirements: Degrees, Publications, Conferences, Awards and Academic Merits. While preparing my PhD, I managed to achieve a competitive record.

Groupe de personnes avec casque VR


Useful skill

As an engaged scholar, I am more than an academic researcher, I am a problem solver who works also on the ground rather than the ivory tower. With this identity, I invented a serious game which will contribute in reducing the gender bias, closing the gender gap, breaking the glass ceiling, boosting leadership behavior among individuals and egalitarianism among societies.

It's all about the story

I had the honor to see Professor Norris Krueger at IPAG business school workshop in Paris, but it was like meeting a lifelong friend. Norris is better placed to assess my entrepreneurial skills as he is a senior subject matter expert at Heinnovate. I personally consider myself as a novice brand developer. I can have high entrepreneurial skills in terms of value creation and delivery, yet as I am still putting efforts on value capturing, I prefer to report low entrepreneurial skills. Nevertheless, I am continuously improving (see my Heinnovate Entrepreneurship Potential & Innovation Competences (EPIC) Graph).

Maître de conférences Femme

Always In

I use peer review evaluation, students feedback and self-assessment tools (Attached Algonquin College tool) to keep improving my teaching skills. I am very satisfied about my two years experience as a business professor in Tunisia. As a new professor (0-2 years of experience), I am working to become a professor (2-7 years of experience) and why not an established professor (more than 7 years of experience).

Digital Skills

I am a global citizen who's equipped with a variety of skills. My digital skills for example, are ranging from information, communication, content creation, safety to problem solving.

UN John Tunisia.jpg

Transversal Skills

All in One

I had the chance to work with Dr. John Peter Fernandez who highly valued my transversal skills (critical and innovative thinking, organisational skills, inter and intra- personal skills, global citizenship, media and information). He was the founder of ARMC Global, Philadelphia. We were coaching world-class leaders on Global Tree (Trust, Respect, Empathy, Ethics) and Proactive inclusion values. It was one of my best experiences despite it was a three-month remote work.

Learning to Learn and Growth Mindset

The rare gem

I was selected to collaborate with Professor Erno Tornikoski based on my life competences in the personal (self-regulation, flexibility, well-being) and social areas (empathy, communication, collaboration), with a focus on my learning to learn area which impacts my hard skills. My experience at GEM was a celebration of my growth mindset. Erno is specialized in behavioral logic and we share similar research interests ( studying entrepreneurs with growth mindset), he easily recognized my potentials and worked on strengthening my competences through fairness.


Vocational Education and Training

An emergent VET ambassador

I am grateful to all VET ambassadors who organized and participated to IPAG business school workshops especially, Professor Isaac Ajzen and the special guests. I have the privilege to have strong partners to test and validate my soft skills such as self-awareness and self efficacy, effective and confident communication, motivation and perseverance, team work, organisation, initiative/creativity, digital skills/cyber-security, and sustainability through vocational training and equity.

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C1 Proficient user


C2 Proficient user


C1 Proficient user


C2 Proficient user

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Awards & Honors

Passeport Talent Chercheur

June 2018


September 2018


Nominee for best research paper

June 2018


PhD project award

September 2018

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Chemin de la forêt

« Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail »

Ralph Waldo Emerson

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What I have learned


Teaching project

"My Hero" Entrepreneurship Curriculum. It is based on the collaborative action research methodology.


Research project

"Gender Equality in Entrepreneurship & Continued Entrepreneurship" is an article-based research project.

ZI Chess chic_edited.jpg

Commercial Project

Zarrouk Initiative is Technology company aiming at producing interactive serious games intended to solve a global issue through education, entertainment and technology.

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Volunteer activities

To give back

January 2020 to present

Counselling and Business Managing

June 2018 - July 2019

Visiting Scholar

2014 to present


Home (English): Bénévolat
Home (English): Témoignages
UN John Tunisia.jpg

John Peter Fernandez

Q1: How does the applicant stand out in academic and personal terms and how would you assess her potential? 

R1: Asma is an excellent, hardworking, creative, and extremely intelligent person. She quickly learned and understood new concepts and ideas such as Proactive InclusionⓇ and GlobalTREE℠. She was given tasks aout which she ha little or no direct knowledge, but she relished these challenges and did superior work. She made tremendous contributions to ARMCG and its clients, like Bank of Tokyo, which singled her out of praise.

Centers of Interest



Favorite hobby



New passion

Adrenaline Hunting




Joy of Discoveries

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Contact me

10 Amber Street, Khzema west, 4051 Sousse, Tunisia

(216) 56 4141 58

Merci pour votre envoi !

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